Top 15 questions pool PMI-001 for IT candidates (211 to 225)

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2016 Jun PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q211. Which of the following is a complete set of indexed contract documentation, including the closed contract? 

A. Procurement package 

B. Negotiated settlements 

C. Procurement file 

D. Procurement management plan 

Answer: C 

Q212. Which activity may occur at project or phase closure? 

A. Acceptance of deliverables 

B. Change requests 

C. Project management plan updates 

D. Benchmarking 

Answer: A 

Q213. What is the definition of Direct and Manage Project Execution? 

A. Integrating all planned activities 

B. Performing the activities included in the plan 

C. Developing and maintaining the plan 

D. Execution of deliverables 

Answer: B 

Q214. Which of the following forecasting methods uses historical data as the basis for estimating future outcomes? 

A. Time series 

B. Judgmental 

C. Econometric 

D. Simulation 

Answer: A 

Q215. The following chart contains information about the tasks in a project. 

Based on the chart, what is the cost variance (CV) for Task 6? 

A. -2,000 

B. 0 

C. 1,000 

D. 2,000 

Answer: D 

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Q216. What entity is assigned various responsibilities related to the centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain? 

A. Project management office 

B. Project team office 

C. Executive sponsor office 

D. Program management office 

Answer: A 

Q217. What do composite organizations involve? 

A. Functional and project managers 

B. Functional managers only 

C. Project managers only 

D. Technical managers and project managers 

Answer: A 

Q218. Which schedule compression technique has phases or activities done in parallel that would normally have been done sequentially? 

A. Crashing 

B. Fast tracking 

C. Leads and lags adjustment 

D. Parallel task development 

Answer: B 

Q219. The Project Human Resource Management process that involves confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete project activities is: 

A. Acquire Project Team. 

B. Plan Human Resource Management. 

C. Manage Project Team. 

D. Develop Project Team. 

Answer: A 

Q220. Which tool and technique of quality planning involves comparing actual or planned practices to those of other projects to generate ideas for improvement and provide a basis by which to measure performance? 

A. Histogram 

B. Quality audits 

C. Benchmarking 

D. Performance measurement analysis 

Answer: C

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Q221. The run chart created during the Perform Quality Control process on a project is used to show the: 

A. relationship between two variables 

B. data points plotted in the order in which they occur 

C. most common cause of problems in a process 

D. frequency of occurrence 

Answer: B 

Q222. A risk may be graded into different priorities by which process? 

A. Risk monitoring and controlling 

B. Risk response planning 

C. Qualitative risk analysis 

D. Quantitative risk analysis 

Answer: C 

Q223. Which characteristic do projects and operational work share in common? 

A. Performed by systems 

B. Constrained by limited resources 

C. Repetitiveness 

D. Uniqueness 

Answer: B 

Q224. The process of prioritizing risks for further analysis or action is known as: 

A. Plan Risk Management. 

B. Plan Risk Responses. 

C. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis. 

D. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis. 

Answer: C 

Q225. Funding limit reconciliation is a tool and technique used in which process? 

A. Control Costs 

B. Determine Budget 

C. Estimate Costs 

D. Control Budget 

Answer: B 

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