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2016 Mar PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q121. The project manager at an organization has just realized that some of the engineering staff has been allocated to project Y and will not be available to finish task X. The project manager has also discovered that at the current pace, it will not be possible to complete the project on time. Due to cost constraints, hiring more work force is not a viable option. Which tools are at the manager's disposal? 

A. Resource leveling and fast tracking 

B. Fast tracking and crashing 

C. Crashing and applying leads and lags 

D. Scheduling tools and applying leads and lags 

Answer: A 

Q122. The most commonly used type of precedence relationship in the precedence diagramming method (PDM) is: 

A. start-to-start (SS) 

B. start-to-finish (SF) 

C. finish-to-start (FS) 

D. finish-to-finish (FF) 

Answer: C 

Q123. A disadvantage associated with virtual teams is that they: 

A. Require communication technology that is not readily available. 

B. Create difficulties when including people with disabilities. 

C. Often cannot accommodate teams that work different hours or shifts. 

D. Create the possibility for misunderstandings to arise. 

Answer: D 

Q124. An input to the Plan Procurement Management process is: 

A. Source selection criteria. 

B. Market research. 

C. Astakeholder register. 

D. Arecords management system. 

Answer: C 

Q125. Regression analysis, failure mode and effect analysis (FMEA), fault tree analysis (FTA), and trend analysis are examples of which tool or technique? 

A. Expert judgment 

B. Forecasting methods 

C. Earned value management 

D. Analytical techniques 

Answer: D 

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Latest PMI-001 exam:

Q126. Who is responsible for reviewing change requests and approving or rejecting the change requests? 

A. Change control board 

B. Project manager 

C. Project management office 

D. Project sponsor 

Answer: A 

Q127. What is the minimum a project schedule must include? 

A. Variance analysis 

B. A planned start date and a planned finish date for each schedule activity 

C. A critical path diagram 

D. Critical chain analysis 

Answer: B 

Q128. The process of identifying and documenting project roles, responsibilities, required skills, and reporting relationships and creating a staffing management plan is known as: 

A. Develop Project Team. 

B. Manage Project Team. 

C. Acquire Project Team. 

D. Plan Human Resource Management. 

Answer: D 

Q129. Which process uses occurrence probability and impact on project objectives to assess the priority of identified risks? 

A. Risk identification 

B. Qualitative risk analysis 

C. Risk management planning 

D. Quantitative risk analysis 

Answer: B 

Q130. Requirements documentation, requirements management plan, and requirements traceability matrix are all outputs of which process? 

A. Control Scope 

B. Collect Requirements 

C. Create WBS 

D. Define Scope 

Answer: B 

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Q131. What type of project structure is a hierarchically organized depiction of the resources by type? 

A. Organizational breakdown structure (OBS) 

B. Resource breakdown structure (RBS) 

C. Work breakdown structure (WBS) 

D. Project breakdown structure (PBS) 

Answer: B 

Q132. The review of a sellers progress toward achieving the goals of scope and quality within cost and schedule compared to the contract is known as: 

A. Work performance information. 

B. Inspections and audits. 

C. Payment systems. 

D. Procurement performance reviews. 

Answer: D 

Q133. The zero duration of milestones in project planning occurs because milestones: 

A. Are unpredictable and challenge the Plan Schedule Management process. 

B. Occur at random times in the project plans. 

C. Represent a moment in time such as a significant project point or event. 

D. Represent both significant and insignificant points in the project and are difficult to anticipate. 

Answer: C 

Q134. During which process would stakeholders provide formal acceptance of the completed project scope? 

A. Perform Quality Control 

B. Verify Scope 

C. Control Scope 

D. Develop Schedule 

Answer: B 

Q135. The process of formalizing acceptance of the completed project deliverables is known as: 

A. Validate Scope. 

B. Close Project or Phase. 

C. Control Quality. 

D. Verify Scope. 

Answer: A