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2016 Mar PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q331. Activity cost estimates are quantitative assessments of the probable costs required to: 

A. Create WBS. 

B. complete project work. 

C. calculate costs. 

D. Develop Project Management Plan. 

Answer: B 

Q332. Which technique is utilized in the Schedule Control process? 

A. Performance Measure 

B. Baseline Schedule 

C. Schedule Comparison 

D. Variance Analysis 

Answer: D 

Q333. Which Control Stakeholder Engagement tool or technique allows the project manager to consolidate and facilitate distribution of reports? 

A. Information management systems 

B. Work performance reports 

C. Stakeholder analysis 

D. Data gathering and representation 

Answer: A 

Q334. Inputs to the Define Activities process include: 

A. Project scope statement, resource calendars, and work performance information. 

B. Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. 

C. Project scope statement, approved change requests, and WBS dictionary. 

D. Scope baseline, enterprise environmental factors, and activity duration estimates. 

Answer: B 

Q335. Identify Risks is part of which Process Group? 

A. Planning 

B. Executing 

C. Closing 

D. Initiating 

Answer: A 

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Most recent PMI-001 exam answers:

Q336. In which domain of project management would a Pareto chart provide useful information? 

A. Project Scope Management 

B. Project Time Management 

C. Project Communications Management 

D. Project Quality Management 

Answer: D 

Q337. The end point of a project phase can be referred to as: 

A. project failure 

B. closing process 

C. stage gate 

D. lifecycle 

Answer: C 

Q338. What are the Project Procurement Management processes? 

A. Conduct Procurements, Control Procurements, Integrate Procurements, and Close Procurements 

B. Estimate Procurements, Integrate Procurements, Control Procurements, and Validate Procurements 

C. Plan Procurement Management, Conduct Procurements, Control Procurements, and Close Procurements 

D. Plan Procurement Management, Perform Procurements, Control Procurements, and Validate Procurements 

Answer: C 

Q339. A project lifecycle is defined as: 

A. a collection of generally sequential and sometimes overlapping project phases. 

B. a process required to ensure that the project includes all the work required, and only the work required, to complete the project successfully. 

C. a recognized standard for the project management profession. 

D. the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. 

Answer: A 

Q340. The traditional organization chart structure that can be used to show positions and relationships in a graphic top-down format is called a: 

A. Responsible, accountable, consult, and inform (RACI) chart. 

B. Matrix-based chart. 

C. Human resource chart. 

D. Hierarchical-type chart. 

Answer: D 

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Actual PMI-001 actual test:

Q341. A project in which the scope, time, and cost of delivery are determined as early as possible is following a life cycle that is: 

A. Adaptive 

B. Predictive 

C. Incremental 

D. Iterative 

Answer: B 

Q342. A project manager builds consensus and overcomes obstacles by employing which communication technique? 

A. Listening 

B. Facilitation 

C. Meeting management 

D. Presentation 

Answer: B 

Q343. Where are product requirements and characteristics documented? 

A. Product scope description 

B. Project charter 

C. Preliminary project scope statement 

D. Communications management plan 

Answer: A 

Q344. Which is an output from Distribute Information? 

A. Earned value analysis 

B. Trend analysis 

C. Project records 

D. Performance reviews 

Answer: C 

Q345. A project requires a component with well-understood specifications. Performance targets are established at the outset, and the final contract price is determined after completion of all work based on the seller's performance. The most appropriate agreement with the supplier is: 

A. Cost Plus Incentive Fee (CPIF). 

B. Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF). 

C. Cost Plus Award Fee (CPAF). 

D. Fixed Price with Economic Price Adjustment (FP-EPA). 

Answer: B