[Realistic] PMI-001 PMI exam 646-660 (Apr 2016)

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2016 Apr PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q646. Project management processes ensure the: A. alignmentwith organizational strategy 

B. efficient means toachieve the project objectives 

C. performance of the project team 

D. effective flow of the project throughout its life cycle 

Answer: D 

Q647. A project has an EV of 100 workdays, an AC of 120 workdays, and a PV of 80 workdays. What should be the concern? 

A. There is a cost underrun. 

B. There is a cost overrun. 

C. The project may not meet the deadline. 

D. The project is 20 days behind schedule. 

Answer: B 

Q648. As part of a mid-project evaluation, the project sponsor has asked for a forecast of the total project cost. What should be used to calculate the forecast? 





Answer: B 

Q649. Which basic quality tool is most useful when gathering attributes data in an inspection to identify defects? 

A. Control charts 

B. Pareto diagrams 

C. Ishikavva diagrams 

D. Checksheets 

Answer: D 

Q650. The total of the planned value (PV) is also known as: 

A. work breakdown structure (WBS). 

B. schedule target. 

C. performance measurement baseline (PMB). 

D. earned value baseline. 

Answer: C 

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Q651. Organizations perceive risks as: 

A. events that will inevitably impact project and organizational objectives. 

B. the effect of uncertainty on their project and organizational objectives. 

C. events which could have a negative impact on project and organizational objectives. 

D. the negative impact of undesired events on their project and organizational objectives. 

Answer: B 

Q652. Which of the following is a means of reaching a group decision in which everyone agrees on a single course of action? 

A. Dictatorship 

B. Majority 

C. Plurality 

D. Unanimity 

Answer: D

Q653. Which process determines the risks that may affect the project and documents their characteristics? 

A. Control Risks 

B. Plan Risk Management 

C. Plan Risk Responses 

D. Identify Risks 

Answer: D 

Q654. Which category of contracts are sellers legally obligated to complete, with possible financial damages if the project objectives are not met? 

A. Cost-reimbursable contracts 

B. Time and Material contracts (T&M) 

C. Fixed-price contracts 

D. Cost Plus Fixed Fee Contracts (CPFF) 

Answer: C 

Q655. The Project Management Process Group in which performance is observed and measured regularly from project initiation through completion is: 

A. Executing. 

B. Initiating, 

C. Monitoring and Controlling. 

D. Planning. 

Answer: C 

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Q656. Which of the following is an information gathering technique in Identify Risks? 

A. Influence diagrams 

B. Brainstorming 

C. Assumption analysis 

D. SWOT analysis 

Answer: B 

Q657. What is the critical chain method? 

A. A technique to calculate the theoretical early start and finish dates and late start and finish dates 

B. A schedule network analysis technique that modifies the project schedule to account for limited resources 

C. A schedule compression technique that analyzes cost and schedule trade-offs to determine how to obtain the greatest amount of compression for the least incremental cost 

D. A technique to estimate project duration when there is a limited amount of detailed information about the project 

Answer: B 

Q658. Which is the correct formula for calculating expected activity cost for three-point estimating? 

A. Ce = (C0 + 6Cm + Cp)/4 

B. Ce = (6C0 + Cm + Cp)/4 

C. Ce = (C0 + 4Cm + Cp)/6 

D. Ce = (C0 + C., + 4Cp) / 6 

Answer: C 

Q659. Which type of contract gives both the seller and the buyer flexibility to deviate from performance with financial incentives? 

A. Cost Plus Incentive Fee (CPIF) 

B. Fixed Price Incentive Fee (FPIF) 

C. Cost Pius Award Re (CPAF) 

D. Time and Material (T&M) 

Answer: B 

Q660. The milestone list is an input to which process from the Planning Process Group? 

A. Define Activities 

B. Estimate Activity Durations 

C. Estimate Activity Resources 

D. Sequence Activities 

Answer: D 

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