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2016 Apr PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q481. Which tool or technique is used to manage change requests and the resulting decisions? 

A. Change control tools 

B. Expert judgment 

C. Delphi technique 

D. Change log 

Answer: A 

Q482. Define Activities and Estimate Activity Resources are processes in which project management Knowledge Area? 

A. Project Time Management 

B. Project Cost Management 

C. Project Scope Management 

D. Project Human Resource Management 

Answer: A 

Q483. Inputs to Identifying Stakeholders include: 

A. Project charter, procurement documents, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. 

B. Project charter, stakeholder analysis, enterprise environmental factors, and organizational process assets. 

C. Project charter, stakeholder analysis, enterprise environmental factors, and stakeholder management strategy. 

D. Project charter, procurement documents, expert judgment, and organizational process assets. 

Answer: C 

Q484. Which of the following procurement processes results in the awarding of a procurement contract? 

A. Administer Procurements 

B. Close Procurements 

C. Conduct Procurements 

D. Plan Procurements 

Answer: C 

Q485. Which of the following outputs from the Control Schedule process aids in the communication of schedule variance (SV), schedule performance index (SPI), or any performance status to stakeholders? 

A. Performance organizations 

B. Schedule baselines 

C. Work performance measurements 

D. Change requests 

Answer: C 

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Q486. Which Knowledge Area involves identifying the people, groups, or organizations that may be impacted by or impact a project? 

A. Project Risk Management 

B. Project Human Resource Management 

C. Project Scope Management 

D. Project Stakeholder Management 

Answer: D 

Q487. Which process involves aggregating the estimated costs of the individual schedule activities or work packages? 

A. Cost baseline 

B. Cost forecasting 

C. Cost variance 

D. Cost budgeting 

Answer: D 

Q488. A strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) analysis is a tool or technique used in which process? 

A. Identify Risks 

B. Control Risks 

C. Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis 

D. Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis 

Answer: A 

Q489. Which Manage Communications tool or technique focuses on identifying and managing barriers? 

A. Communication methods 

B. Information technology 

C. Communication models 

D. Information management systems 

Answer: C 

Q490. A process is defined as: 

A. A set of interrelated actions and activities performed to achieve a certain objective. 

B. A set of guidelines that explains how to carry out a particular task. 

C. The inputs for a task and the tools and techniques required to carry out the task. 

D. A collection of logically related project activities, usually culminating in the completion of a major deliverable. 

Answer: A 

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Q491. Which type of analysis is used to develop the communications management plan? 

A. Product 

B. Cost benefit 

C. Stakeholder 

D. Research 

Answer: C 

Q492. The component of the risk management plan that documents how risk activities will be recorded is called: 

A. tracking 

B. scoping 

C. timing 

D. defining 

Answer: A 

Q493. Status of deliverables, implementation status for change requests, and forecasted estimates to complete are examples of: 

A. Earned value management. 

B. Enterprise environmental factors. 

C. Organizational process assets. 

D. Work performance information. 

Answer: D 

Q494. In complex projects/ initiating processes should be completed: 

A. Within a work package. 

B. In each phase of the project. 

C. To estimate schedule constraints. 

D. To estimate resource allocations. 

Answer: B 

Q495. The project manager for XYZ stationers is sequencing the activities for the project to set up a new office. It is known from knowledge of best practices that it is better to wait for the painters to finish painting the walls before the new floors are installed. This is an example of which of the following types of dependency? 

A. Precedence 

B. Discretionary 

C. External 

D. Mandatory 

Answer: B 

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