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2016 Apr PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. The following chart contains information about the tasks in a project. 

Based on the chart, what is the schedule performance index (5PI) for Task 4? 

A. 0.83 

B. 0.9 

C. 1.11 

D. 1.33 

Answer: C 

Q2. An output of the Close Project (or Close Phase) process is: 

A. accepted deliverables 

B. organizational process asset updates 

C. work performance information 

D. project management plan updates 

Answer: B 

Q3. Which of the following is an input to Control Scope? 

A. Project schedule 

B. Organizational process assets updates 

C. Project document updates 

D. Work performance information 

Answer: D 

Q4. Definitions of probability and impact, revised stakeholder tolerances, and tracking are components of which subsidiary plan? 

A. Cost management plan 

B. Quality management plan 

C. Communications management plan 

D. Risk management plan 

Answer: D 

Q5. The component of the human resource management plan that includes ways in which team members can obtain certifications that support their ability to benefit the project is known as: 

A. recognition and rewards 

B. compliance 

C. staff acquisition 

D. training needs 

Answer: D 

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Q6. Identify Stakeholders is the process of identifying all of the people or organizations impacted by the project and documenting relevant information regarding their interests in, involvement in, and impact on the project: 

A. manager. 

B. success. 

C. deadline. 

D. scope. 

Answer: B 

Q7. An electronics firm authorizes a new project to develop a faster, cheaper, and smaller laptop after improvements in the industry and electronics technology. With which of the following strategic considerations is this project mainly concerned? 

A. Customer request 

B. Market demand 

C. Technological advance 

D. Strategic opportunity 

Answer: C 

Q8. Which component of the human resource management plan describes when and how project team members are acquired and how long they will be needed? 

A. Resource breakdown structure 

B. Staffing management plan 

C. Project organizational chart 

D. Scope management plan 

Answer: B 

Q9. Which Control Quality tool is also known as an arrow diagram? 

A. Matrix diagram 

B. Affinity diagram 

C. Tree diagram 

D. Activity network diagram 

Answer: D 

Q10. What name(s) is (are) associated with the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle? 

A. Pareto 

B. Ishikawa 

C. Shewhart-Deming 

D. Delphi 

Answer: C 

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Q11. What characteristic do project and operational work share in common? 

A. Performed by systems 

B. Constrained by limited resources 

C. Repetitiveness 

D. Uniqueness 

Answer: B 

Q12. Which of the following are placed at selected points in the work breakdown structure (WBS) 

for performance measurement? 

A. Control accounts 

B. Milestones 

C. Management points 

D. Measurement points 

Answer: A 

Q13. Which of the following is used to illustrate the connections between work packages or activities and project team members? 

A. Hierarchical-type charts (HTC) 

B. Organizational breakdown structure (OBS) 

C. Work breakdown structure (WBS) 

D. Responsibility assignment matrix (RAM) 

Answer: D 

Q14. Change requests, project management plan updates, project document updates, and organizational process assets updates are all outputs of which project management process? 

A. Plan Risk Responses 

B. Manage Stakeholder Expectations 

C. Define Scope 

D. Report Performance 

Answer: B 

Q15. What is the estimate at completion (EAC) if the budget at completion (BAC) is $100, the actual cost (AC) is $50, and the earned value (EV) is $25? 

A. $50 

B. $100 

C. $125 

D. $175 

Answer: C 

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