PMI-001 cram(676 to 690) for consumer: May 2016 Edition

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2016 May PMI-001 Study Guide Questions:

Q676. A project manager at a publishing company decides to initiate the editing phase of the project as soon as each chapter is written. Which type of Sequence Activities tool and technique is involved, considering that there was a start-to-start relationship with a 15-day delay? 

A. Slack 

B. Float 

C. Lag 

D. Lead 

Answer: C 

Q677. A primary function of a project management office is to support project managers in a variety of ways, including which of the following? 

A. Developing and managing project policies, procedures, templates, and other shared documentation 

B. Acting as the project sponsor by providing financial resources to the project 

C. Resolving issues and change management within a shared governance structure 

D. Aligning organizational/strategic direction that affects project and program goals 

Answer: A 

Q678. Cost baseline is an output of which of the following processes? 

A. Control Costs 

B. Determine Budget 

C. Estimate Costs 

D. Estimate Activity Resources 

Answer: B 

Q679. The process improvement plan details the steps for analyzing processes to identify activities which enhance their: 

A. quality. 

B. value. 

C. technical performance. 

D. status. 

Answer: B 

Q680. One of the key benefits of the Plan Human Resource Management process is that it: 

A. outlines team selection guidelines and team member responsibilities. 

B. establishes project roles and responsibilities. 

C. improves teamwork, interpersonal skills, and competencies. 

D. provides an accurate appraisal of team member performance. 

Answer: B 

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Up to the immediate present PMI-001 rapidshare:

Q681. Which quality control technique illustrates the 80/20 principle? 

A. Ishikawa diagram 

B. Control chart 

C. Run chart 

D. Pareto chart 

Answer: D 

Q682. Which of the following is an output of the Distribute Information process? 

A. Project calendar 

B. Communications management plan 

C. Organizational process assets updates 

D. Project document updates 

Answer: C 

Q683. Which tool is used to develop technical details within the project management plan? 

A. Expert judgment 

B. Project management methodology 

C. Project management information system (PMIS) 

D. Project selection methods 

Answer: A 

Q684. Which type of analysis is used to determine the cause and degree of difference between the baseline and actual performance? 

A. Schedule network analysis 

B. Reserve analysis 

C. Alternative analysis 

D. Variance analysis 

Answer: D 

Q685. The process for performing variance analysis may vary, depending on: 

A. scenario building, technology forecasting, and forecast by analogy. 

B. working relationships among various stakeholders and team members. 

C. application area, the standard used, and the industry, 

D. work to be completed next. 

Answer: C 

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Simulation PMI-001 samples:

Q686. The number of potential communication channels for a project with 5 stakeholders is: 

A. 10. 

B. 12. 

C. 20. 

D. 24. 

Answer: A 

Q687. Soft logic is also known as what type of dependency? 

A. External 

B. Discretionary 

C. Mandatory 

D. Internal 

Answer: B 

Q688. Which tool or technique can a project manager use to select in advance a team member who will be crucial to the task? 

A. Acquisition 

B. Negotiation 

C. Virtual team 

D. Pre-assignment 

Answer: D 

Q689. The correct equation for schedule variance (SV) is earned value: 

A. minus planned value [EV - PV]. 

B. minus actual cost [EV - AC]. 

C. divided by planned value [EV/PV], 

D. divided by actual cost [EV/AC]. 

Answer: A 

Q690. Reserve analysis is a tool and technique used in which process? 

A. Plan Risk Management 

B. Plan Risk Responses 

C. Identify Risks 

D. Control Risks 

Answer: D 

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