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Exam Name: PMI Scheduling Professional Practice Test
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2016 Apr PMI-SP Study Guide Questions:

Q151. You are the project manager of the GHY Project. This project is scheduled to last for one year and has a BAC of $4,500,000. You are currently 45 percent complete with this project, though you are supposed to be at your second milestone which accounts for half of the project completion. There have been some errors in the project, which has caused you to spend $2,073,654. What is this project's schedule variance?

A. -$48,654

B. 13 percent

C. -$225,000

D. 0.98

Answer: C

Q152. Your project has a BAC of $750,000 and is 75 percent complete. According to your plan, however, your project should actually be 80 percent complete. You have spent $575,000 of your project budget to reach this point and you are worried about the project not being able to complete based on your current project budget. What is the to-complete performance index for this project?

A. 0.98

B. -$16,677

C. 1.07

D. 0.94

Answer: C

Q153. John is the project manager for his organization. He has created a status dashboard for his stakeholders.

What is a status dashboard?

A. It is a report that details the current status of risks and issues.

B. It is a software application that allows stakeholders to view the project manager's performance.

C. It is a web-based tool to inspect the project deliverables for performance.

D. It is a report that reflects the overall performance of scope, schedule, quality, cost, or other project performance metrics.

Answer: D

Q154. You are the project manager for your organization. You and the project team are developing the project schedule for your current project. In addition to the enterprise environment factors and the organizational process assets, you will need seven other inputs to this process. Which one of the following is NOT an input to the Develop Schedule process?

A. Resource calendars

B. Schedule data

C. Activity list

D. Project scope statement

Answer: B

Q155. You are the project manager of the GHQ Project. You have to prioritize activities for the effective management of project. For this, you have created a network diagram to schedule a set of project activities as shown in the figure:

Based on this figure, what is the critical path of this project?





Answer: D

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Updated PMI-SP exam question:

Q156. You are the project manager for the GRT Project in your organization. You have created your time duration estimates based on historical information, but the estimates are not holding true in your current project. Unfortunately, many activities are late. You have decided to create a PERT estimate with your project team for each of their activities. What is the formula used for PERT?

A. O+M+P

B. (O+M+P)/3

C. (O+4M+P)/6

D. Average of the estimates

Answer: C

Q157. You are the project manager of the OOI Project and you're forty percent complete with this project. The project has a BAC of $2,345,650 and you have spent $950,000 to date. Based on your aggressive scheduling you should be at the 45 percent milestone today, but due to some early delays you're running late. What is the planned value of your project?

A. $950,000

B. $2,375,000

C. $1,055,543

D. $938,260

Answer: C

Q158. You are the project manager of the HGH Project. Thomas, your project sponsor, asked you to submit status reports every week, but now he wants you to submit the status reports every other week. What project management plan would you need to update to reflect this change from Thomas?

A. Scope management plan

B. Performance management plan

C. Communications management plan

D. Project management plan

Answer: C

Q159. There are seven inputs to the estimate activity durations process. Which one of the following is NOT an input to this process?

A. Scope baseline

B. Activity attributes

C. Activity list

D. Activity resource requirements

Answer: A

Q160. You are the project manager of the NHQ Project. You are coaching Alice, a new project manager, on the relationships in a project network diagram. Which relationship type between activities are the most common?





Answer: B

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Q161. You are the project manager of the QAQ Project. The QAQ Project has a BAC of $2,786,121. You are currently 20 percent complete with this project, though you should be 25 percent complete with the project work. The project has consumed $595,000 of the project budget to date. Management has asked you, based on the current project performance, what the project's estimate to complete will be considering the current project schedule variance. What is the ETC for this project?

A. $2,975,000

B. 1.02

C. $139,306

D. $2,380,000

Answer: D

Q162. Beth works as a project manager for BlueWell Inc. Which of the following tools and techniques of Administer Procurements process will Beth use to manage contracts, and procurement documentation and records?

A. Records Management System

B. Performance reporting

C. Inspection and Audit

D. Payment System

Answer: A

Q163. The figure given below demonstrates the communications model for a project. What role does component C play in the communication model?

A. Encoder

B. Transporter

C. Sender

D. Medium

Answer: A

Q164. Beth is the project manager for the NHQ project. This project deals with fiber optic cabling in her organizational campus. Tim is the electrical engineer for her company and is the only internal resource that can complete several of the project activities that deal with the fiber optic cables. Because Tim is a highly skilled resource, he is already scheduled on several projects within the organization and is not available when Beth needs him to complete some of the project activities.

This is an example of which term?

A. Resource calendar conflict

B. Matrix network

C. Organizational process assets

D. Activity resource requirements

Answer: D

Q165. You are the project manager of the GHY Project. Management wants you to create a process improvement plan for your project. Your project will be studied by management and will become a standard for all future organizational projects based on your project's performance, approach, and implementation of project processes. All of the following should be included in your project's process improvement plan except for which one?

A. Process boundaries

B. Process configuration

C. Targets for improved performance

D. Identification of project risks

Answer: D