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2016 Mar TK0-201 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. An instructor decides to divide their class into groups. In order to motivate the learners in the groups the instructor designs the groups and the activity such that the: (Select TWO).

A. Learners need to complete a small part of a larger project without seeing the final outcome.

B. Learners are paired with the members they feel most comfortable with.

C. Learners have more autonomy over the direction of the activity.

D. Activity is relevant to the learners job function as it relates to the material.

E. Skill level is below that of the class, making the activity easy to complete and building the learners esteem.

Answer: CD

Q2. A learner asks a question that the instructor did not understand. Which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Ask the learner to hold the question until a break and then discuss the question.

B. Ask the learner to rephrase the question.

C. Ask the class to rephrase the question.

D. Ask the learner to research the answer and share their findings with the class.

Answer: B

Q3. An instructor is preparing a virtual classroom session covering a computer application. The learners will all be on high bandwidth connections. Which of the following is the BEST method of displaying the application?

A. Create a PDF with screen shots and procedural references and make it available for download.

B. Create video clips to be shown during the class demonstrating functionality.

C. Use the screen sharing function of the virtual classroom software to do the demonstrations.

D. Take screenshots and display them in the presentation.

Answer: C

Q4. An instructor is preparing to start a class where several learners have arrived late due to bad weather. The general mood of the learners is poor. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this situation?

A. Use humor that will create a positive mood.

B. Tell the learners that the class will run late that day

C. Have the learners introduce themselves.

D. Proceed with the course material.

Answer: A

Q5. On the first day an instructor administers a pre-test. The results of the test are mixed; some learners scored high and some scored low. Which of the following is an effective use of these results?

A. Modify the delivery to match the abilities of the learners.

B. Use the results as a baseline to measure learning.

C. Remove the over-qualified learners from the class.

D. Remove the under-qualified learners from the class.

Answer: A

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Down to date TK0-201 vce:

Q6. A learner is consistently questioning their performance during a lab activity and needs the instructor's approval. The instructor observes that the learner is very hesitant to do the lab steps but completes the work correctly. Which of the following would the instructor do to BEST aid the learner?

A. Immediately go back to observe the learner when lab activity is required

B. Help other learners first then go to the one learner.

C. Allow time before or after class for the learner to complete the activities.

D. Reaffirm the correct abilities of the learner

Answer: D

Q7. An instructor is conducting a three week course for a company. The learners' managers request the instructor's insight as to how the learners are progressing. The instructor needs to report to management at the end of each week. Which of the following will BEST show the progress of the learners as well as justify the instructor's opinion?

A. Invite management to observe the learners in the classroom.

B. Test the skills of the learners at the end of the course to show if the course objectives were met.

C. Perform individual interviews with the learners to ask how they feel their progress is coming along.

D. Deliver a weekly assessment test that validates the improvement of the skills of the learners.

Answer: A

Q8. The instructor noticed that a discussion was getting oft track and out of control. Which of the following question types can help the instructor gain control of the discussion?

A. Open

B. Clarifying

C. Closed

D. Probing

Answer: C

Q9. After leaching a very long block of instruction before lunch, the instructor wants to check how well the learners have learned the material. Which of the following methods is the BEST to accomplish this goal?

A. Have the learners answer review questions about the block of instruction

B. Have each learner recite what was said during the block of instruction

C. Give the learners home work that night and go over it the next day

D. Put the learners in groups to discuss the instruction that was taught.

Answer: A

Q10. An instructor has been teaching for three hours on the first day of a three-day course. At the lunch break, the instructor reviews the preparedness of the learners and their responses to questions. The instructor notes that one learner does not demonstrate mastery of the concepts taught that morning. In this situation, which of the following should the instructor do?

A. Give an advanced activity to the other learners and re-teach the morning activity to the learner who has not mastered the concepts.

B. Re-teach the concepts taught in the morning session to the class, but use different handouts.

C. Pair the learner with one of the more advanced learners who likes to share knowledge.

D. Continue to teach the course as outlined, and after class offer to help the learner who has not mastered the concepts.

Answer: C

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Precise TK0-201 practice question:

Q11. Learners are MOST likely to learn a skill successfully when a topic is presented:

A. In a cluster with other, similar skills

B. Just in time for the learner to apply it

C. As part of a summary of related skills

D. As part of a review session prior to an examination

Answer: B

Q12. During a training course an instructor invites learners to discuss how the training will benefit them. Which of the following BEST describes the skill demonstrated?

A. Engage learners to obtain input about their personal objectives and expectations

B. Engage learners to communicate learner performance objectives as indicated by course design

C. Engage learners to get their acceptance of the required training objectives and expectations

D. Engage learners to determine their prerequisite knowledge of the training course

Answer: A

Q13. During introductions a learner asks if a related topic can be reviewed during the course; however, the topic is outside the prescribed course material. Which of the following is the BEST way to handle this request?

A. Review the topic in the next more advanced course.

B. Extend the length of the course to include the topic.

C. Remove a section from the course material to make room for the requested topic.

D. Include the topic without modifying the course material.

Answer: D

Q14. An instructor asks a question and notices that most of the learners seem distracted and are looking out the windows. Which of the following is the BEST approach to this problem?

A. Call on a specific learner to answer the question.

B. Turn the question into an exercise.

C. Rephrase the question using an appropriate frame of reference.

D. Wait a little longer until someone answers the question.

Answer: A

Q15. Which of the following methods encourages learners to resolve their own inquiries?

A. Hypothetical questions

B. Guiding questions

C. Direct questions

D. Closed questions

Answer: B