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Exam Code: VCAN610 (Practice Exam Latest Test Questions VCE PDF)
Exam Name: VMware Certified Associate– Network Virtualization
Certification Provider: VMware
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2016 Apr VCAN610 Study Guide Questions:

Q1. Which two web browsers are supported for programming the NSX REST API? (Choose two.)

A. Internet Explorer

B. Chrome

C. Firefox

D. Safari

Answer: B,C

Q2. After consulting with the network team, it is decided that Transport Zones will be configured with Unicast Replication Mode for a new NSX for vSphere deployment.

Which statement is true regarding the function of the VXLAN Tunnel End Points (VTEPs)?

A. The VTEPs will send unicast frames to the NSX Controllers when the VTEPs do not have a MAC address in the MAC table.

B. The VTEPs will switch to Multicast Replication Mode for those VTEPs to which multicast path discovery is successful.

C. The VTEPs will send multicast frames to all other VTEPs in the Transport Zone when the VTEPs do not have a MAC address in the MAC table.

D. The VTEPs will send unicast frames to all local VTEPs and remote proxies in the Transport Zone when the VTEPs do not have a MAC address in the MAC table.

Answer: D

Q3. Which two statements correctly describe Spine-Leaf switch topologies? (Choose two.)

A. Spine-leaf topologies must utilize layer 3 switching for inter-connectivity.

B. Spine-leaf topologies can utilize layer 2 or layer 3 switching for inter-connectivity.

C. Oversubscription, if it occurs, is more likely to be found in the spine switches.

D. Oversubscription, if it occurs, is more likely to be found in the leaf switches.

Answer: B,D

Q4. A company wants to deploy VMware NSX for vSphere and ensure the least amount of bandwidth consumption in the underlying physical architecture. Which replication mode should the logical switches be deployed with?

A. Multicast Replication Mode

B. Unicast Replication Mode

C. Hybrid Replication Mode

D. vSphere Replication Mode

Answer: A

Q5. In a data center using a leaf and spine architecture, which two statements define the connectivity between the leaf and spine tiers required to provide optimal network connectivity for NSX? (Choose two.)

A. Links are required between leaf and spine switches, and from each spine switch to other spine switches in the architecture.

B. Links are required between leaf and spine switches in the architecture to form a point-to- point connection between the two tiers.

C. High availalability and scalability should be achieved using NSX High Availability.

D. High availability and scalability should be achieved using Equal Cost Multipathing (ECMP).

Answer: BD

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Q6. What is the earliest version of vCloud Network and Security (vCNS) that can be upgraded to VMware NSX for vSphere 6.0?

A. vCNS 5.0

B. vCNS 5.1

C. vCNS 5.5

D. vCNS 6.0

Answer: C

Q7. Which two vSphere components are required for NSX? (Choose two.)

A. Standard vSwitch

B. Network I/O Control

C. Distributed Port Group

D. VMkernel port

Answer: CD

Q8. A data center environment contains the following:

✑ VMware vCenter 5.1

✑ ESXi hosts 4.1 and higher

✑ VMware Horizon View 5.2

✑ Network devices with merchant silicon ASICs

Which two steps must be taken to ensure a successful NSX deployment? (Choose two.)

A. Upgrade the vCenter Server installation to vCenter Server 5.5.

B. Upgrade the network devices to support layer 2 multi-pathing.

C. Upgrade all compute nodes to ESXi 5.1 or later.

D. Upgrade the VMware Horizon View installation to Horizon View 5.3.

Answer: AC

Q9. Which statement correctly defines third-party gateway support in NSX for vSphere and NSX for Multiple Hypervisors (NSX-MH) for application workloads that span virtual and physical spaces?

A. Only NSX-MH provides support for hardware based gateways.

B. Only NSX for vSphere provides support for hardware based gateways.

C. Both versions of NSX provide support for hardware based gateways.

D. Neither version of NSX provides support for hardware based gateways at this time.

Answer: C

Q10. You have deployed a vShield Endpoint for antivirus and malware detection on an NSX network and need to monitor audit messages for the endpoint.

Which log file are the audit messages recorded in?

A. vmkwarning.log on the ESXi host

B. vmware.log on the virtual machine

C. cloudnet_cpp.log on the NSX Controller

D. messages.log on the NSX Manager

Answer: B

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Q11. An administrator configures the IPSec VPN service on an NSX Edge instance, but the negotiation fails. Examining the log file, the administrator notices the following message:


Which misconfiguration caused the error?

A. Pre-shared key (PSK) does not match

B. Diffie-Hellman (DH) Group does not match

C. Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) does not match

D. VPN tunnel address incorrect

Answer: A

Q12. How does NSX simplify the underlying physical network?

A. All configuration and state information is available via the REST APIs to automate the configuration of the physical network.

B. All configuration and state information are readily accessible, as is the mapping between virtual network topologies and the physical network.

C. All configuration and state information is stored in the local NSX BPDU database, eliminating the need for Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) on the physical network.

D. All configuration and state information is cached by the NSX controllers, reducing the number of MAC/ARP table entries on the physical network.

Answer: B

Q13. A company hosts an internal website on multiple virtual machines attached to a Logical Switch with VNI 7321. A Distributed Router serves as the virtual machines' default gateway.

When an user resolves the URL for the website, the internal DNS server responds with the IP address of one of the virtual machine's IP addresses in a round robin fashion. This approach results in some virtual machines having a much higher number of user sessions than others.

The company wants to deploy a NSX Edge Service Load Balancer to improve on this situation. Which distribution method can be configured on the NSX Edge Load Balancer to meet the company's needs?





Answer: A

Q14. An administrator will deploy NSX within an existing vSphere environment containing two vCenter Server instances. Each vCenter Server manages three clusters with 16 ESXi hosts per cluster.

How many NSX Manager instances would be required for this deployment?

A. 1

B. 2

C. 3

D. 6

Answer: B

Q15. What NSX feature allows for integration with any third-party Cloud Management Platforms?

A. NSX Extensibility


C. NSX Edge

D. NSX Controller

Answer: B