[Virtual] VCP-511 VMware exam fees 27-39 (Mar 2016)

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Question No. 27

VMware solution pools virtual infrastructure resource in a datacenter and delivers them to users as well as a catalog-based service?

A. VMware vCloud Director

B. VMware vCenter ConfigControl

C. VMware vCenter Orchestrator

D. VMware vSphere 5

Answer: A

Question No. 28

An administrator is upgrading an application running in a virtual machine. Before performing the upgrade a snapshot called pre-upgrade is created. NO other snapshots exist. The upgrade operation succeeds and the administrator wants to keep the changes from the snapshot.

Which two operations can the administrator perform to ensure that the upgrade cannot be reverted? (Choose two)

A. Use the Delete All option within the Snapshot Manager

B. Use the Delete option within the Snapshot Manager

C. Use the Consolidate option with the Snapshot Manager

D. Use the Go To option in the snapshot

Answer: AB

Question No. 29

Assuming that VLANs are not configured, what is true about traffic from a virtual machine connected to a port group on a vNetwork Standard Switch with NO uplinks?

A. The virtual switch will drop the packets of no uplink is present.

B. Virtual machines on nay vNetwork Standard Switch on the same ESXi host can receive the traffic.

C. Virtual machines in any port group on the virtual switch can receive the traffic.

D. Only virtual machines in the same port group on the virtual switch can receive the traffic.

Answer: C

Question No. 30

Using the vSphere storage Appliance (VSA) Manager to view the Datastore Status column, what are three valid states? (Choose three)

A. Disconnected

B. Connected

C. Degraded

D. Online

E. offline

Answer: CDE

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Question No. 31

An administrator is upgrading an ESXi 3.5 host to ESXi 5.x. The host has a single Intel Xeon processor, 4GB of RAM, and a VMFS datastores on private, SAN-attached LUN.

What might cause the upgrade to be unsuccessful?

A. The ESXi host has 4GB RAM

B. The ESXi host has one processor

C. ESXi 3.5 is not supported for direct upgrade

D. The VMFS datastore resides on a private, SAN-attached LUN

Answer: C

Question No. 32

When coordinating the VM NMP and any installed 3-party MIP, what operations does the PSA perform?

A. Implements logical devices bandwidth sharing

B. Process I/O request to logical devices

C. Associate physical path with logical devices

D. Manage physical path claiming and unclaiming

Answer: A

Question No. 33

A user attempts a remote SSH connection to a newly installed ESXi 5.x host to execute some commands. The SSH connection attempts fails, through the user is able to receive a ICMP ping back from the host.

Which two connections might cause the issue? (Choose two)

A. The shell timeout is set too low.

B. The ParentRootLogin option is set to False.

C. The SSH service is disabled on the host by default.

D. The ESXi firewall blocks the SSH protocol by default.

Answer: CD

Question No. 34

Which three configuration settings will be migrated when upgrading a host from ESX 4.x Classic to ESXi 5.x? (Choose three)

A. The NTP configuration in /etc/atp.conf

B. The syslog configuration in /etc/syslog.conf

C. The hostname information in /etc/hosts

D. The time zone configuration in /etc/local time

E. /etc/vmware/esx.conf

Answer: ACE

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Question No. 35

Which two settings determine the amount of memory overhead required by a virtual machine? (Choose two)

A. Reserved memory

B. Configured memory

C. Guest operating system (32- or 64-bit)

D. Number of vCPUs

Answer: BD

Question No. 36

Witch two statements are true about High Priority vMotion requests in vSphere 5.x? (Choose two)

A. Migrations always proceed regardless of whether or not resources have been successfully

B. Migrations do not proceed if resources are not successfully reserved.

C. vCenter Server attempts to reserve resources on both the source and destination hosts to be shared among all concurrent migrations with vMotions.

D. vCenter Server attempts to reserve resources on both the source and destinations hosts for each individual High Priority migration with vMotion.

Answer: AC

Question No. 37

Click the Exhibit button

Which change will eliminate the symptom m the performance chart shown in the exhibit?

A. Increase CPU limit

B. Increase CPU reservation

C. Increase the number of CPUs on the virtual machine

D. Increase CPU shares

Answer: B

Question No. 38

What kind of traffic can be priorized with Network I/O Control? (Choose Three)

A. Virtual Machine

B. vMotion

C. Fault Tolerance

D. FCoE (Fiber Channel over Ethernet)

E. Hardware Dependent iSCSI adapter

Answer: ABC

Question No. 39

An administrator decides to implement a Fixed multipath policy for an ESXi Host with 4 available paths and 4 configured vmfs datastores. How many paths will be used by host to send data to the 4 Datastores. (Choose One)

A. 4

B. 8

C. 16

D. 12

Answer: A