VCP5-DCV item pool(61 to 75) for IT engineers: Mar 2016 Edition

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2016 Mar VCP5-DCV Study Guide Questions:

Q61. An administrator uses VMware Data Recovery to make backups of virtual machines. Checking on the backup jobs that were run the previous evening, the administrator notices that some jobs completed but that other jobs did not. 

What are two possible causes for the failure? (Choose two.) 

A. The deduplication store had 400GB of available space before the start of the affected jobs. 

B. Eight backup jobs were running simultaneously, causing new jobs to fail to start. 

C. The backup window was not open long enough to retrieve all of the changed blocks. 

D. CPU utilization on the VDR appliance exceeded 90% before one or more jobs executed. 

Answer: BC 

Q62. Which of the following ports is not required by vCenter Server? 

A. 80 

B. 902 

C. 25 

D. 443 

Answer: C 

Q63. An administrator wants to reduce the amount of memory overhead required by a virtual machine. 

What two options below could be used to accomplish that task? (Choose two.) 

A. Reduce the amount of memory configured for the VM. 

B. Reduce the memory reservation for the VM. 

C. Reduce the memory shares for the VM. 

D. Reduce the number of vCPUs VM. 

Answer: AD 

Q64. An administrator is deploying several ESXi 5.x hosts. Centralized logging with accurate timestamps is a requirement for the deployment. Which two operations ensure these requirements are met? (Choose two.) 

A. Ensure TCP port 123 is not blocked 

B. Configure a syslog server on each host 

C. Configure ensure the hosts have the proper timezone configured 

D. Configure a syslog server on the vSphere Management Appliance 

Answer: AD 

Q65. During peak operating hours, an administrator finds that a business-critical application running in a virtual machine is not performing as well as during normal hours. 

Which memory management method can be used to guarantee that the application performs well at all times? 

A. Set a reservation equal to the average memory utilization of the virtual machine running the application. 

B. Set the share level to high for the virtual machine running the application and set the share level for all other virtual machines to low. 

C. Check the Reserve all guest memory checkbox. 

D. Set a reservation equal to the installed memory of the ESXi host running the application. 

Answer: C 

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Q66. Which is the most secure method of connecting to an iSCSI storage array using an independent hardware iSCSI adapter? 

A. One-way CHAP 

B. Mutual CHAP 

C. Per-target CHAP 

D. Per-subnet CHAP 

Answer: A 

Q67. Which three statements regarding Network I/O Control (NIOC) are accurate? (Choose three.) 

A. NIOC enforces traffic bandwidth limits on the overall vDS set of dvUplinks. 

B. NIOC limits maximum throughput control on connected virtual machines. 

C. Load based teaming efficiently uses a vDS set of dvUplinks for network capacity. 

D. Isolation provides priority to any one traffic flow. 

E. Relative shares fairly allocates available bandwidth among multiple flows. 

Answer: ACE 

Q68. An iSCSI array is being added to a vSphere 5.x implementation. An administrator wants to verify that all IP storage VMkernel interfaces are configured for jumbo frames. 

What are two methods to verify this configuration? (Choose two.) 

A. Run the esxcli network ip interface list command 

B. Run the esxcfg-vswif -l command 

C. Ensure that the Enable Jumbo Frames box is checked in the VMkernel interface properties in the vSphere client 

D. Ensure that the MTU size is set correctly in the VMkernel interface properties in the vSphere client 

Answer: AD 

Q69. A company wants to increase disk capacity for their vSphere environment Management mandates that: 

1. vMotion must work in this environment. 

2. The existing LAN infrastructure must be used. 

Which storage option best meets the company objectives? 


B. Fibre Channel 



Answer: D 

Q70. Which methods can be used to migrate a VMkernel port from a vSphere Standard Switch to a vSphere Distributed Switch? (Choose two.) 

A. Use the Add Virtual Adapter wizard from the Manage Virtual Adapters window. 

B. Use the Manage Hosts wizard from the Configuration tab of the vDS. 

C. Use the Migrate Virtual Machine Networking option to select the port from a list. 

D. Edit the Network Adapter settings for the port and select a dvPort group from the list. 

Answer: AB 

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Q71. Click the Exhibit button. 

For the selected item, what two properties could the storage administrator use to create a zone? (Choose two.) 


B. vmhba1.C0.T0.L1 

C. fc.2000001b321314a7.2100001b321314a7 


Answer: AD 

Q72. An administrator is configuring an ESXi 5.x host with two dual-port Fibre Channel (FC) HBAs. The FC storage array has four active storage processor ports. Zoning is configured on both fabrics, with ESXi HBA ports and the array ports in the same zone. There are two LUNs with VMFS datastores configured. 

Using Round Robin multipathing, what is the maximum number of paths that can be used to send data to the VMFS datastores at any given time? 

A. 2 

B. 3 

C. 1 

D. 4 

Answer: A 

Q73. When comparing software iSCSI initiators with independent hardware initiators, what are the additional CHAP security levels available for a software implementation? (Choose two.) 

A. Do not use CHAP unless required by target 

B. Use CHAP 

C. Use CHAP unless prohibited by target 

D. Do not use CHAP 

Answer: AB 

Q74. What are three true statements about quiescing virtual machine snapshots? (Choose three.) 

A. vSphere snapshot quiescing only occurs on Windows guest OSes. 

B. The quiescing operation is automatic with any snapshot. 

C. The quiescing operation varies by guest OS. 

D. Quiescing should occur before array-based snapshots to ensure consistency. 

E. VMware Tools is required for quiescing to be successful. 

Answer: CDE 

Q75. When planning for an upgrade from vSphere4 to vSphere5 what will be the effect of upgrading a 1TB VMFS3 datastore with a 2MB block size to VMFS5? 

A. Thick virtual disks can be expanded to a maximum of 2TB. 

B. Thick virtual disks can be expanded to a maximum of 512GB. 

C. Thin virtual disks can be expanded to a maximum of 512GB. 

D. Thin virtual disks can be expanded to a maximum of 2TB. 

Answer: D